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Hall of Fame

Pilot - Game Changer Awards 2016

On Saturday 26 November 2016, the first Game Changer Awards was held at St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Karrinyup.

In order to test out the viability of our program, a number of primary and secondary schools were invited to participate, presenting projects they had worked on in classes during the school year.

The space was set up in a science fair layout, with students presenting their projects as judges walked around the room. Parents and students came together at the end of the day with our Straw Tower Challenge.

Participant Schools:

Primary: Whitford Primary School, Ursula Frayne Catholic College, West Beechboro Primary School, St Anthony's School

Secondary: Mercedes College, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Our inaugural winners:

Primary Game Changer Prize for Best Entry: Rishita Sarkar, SANBOT Robot, West Beechboro Primary School.

Primary Best STEM Prize: A R Guide to Waste, Ursula Frayne Primary School

Primary Best Presentation: Tap and Ride, Whitford Primary School

Secondary Game Changer Prize for Best Entry: IT Angels, Mercedes College

Secondary Best STEM Prize: IT Angels, Mercedes College

Secondary Best Presentation: Vocabulary Voyage, St Mary's Anglican School.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters helped us with the pilot Awards Day:

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School (for use of facilities), KCCT, SEQTA, Gecko Steps, Bloom Lab, Dell Computers, AV Media System, Enkel Collective, Blockninja, Engineers Australia, Australian Computer Society Inc.

Guest Speakers: Hasib Savari (from Hakerpals), Ella Ganfield (from Gecko Steps) and Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie (from Games We Play).

Judges: Alexandra Myer, Peter Waterman, Victor Olet, Nick Garratt, Anthony Davis, Sarah Hill, Peta bright, Bhavneet Singh, Stteven Morrell, Szymon Zieba, Paul Wright, Nadia Atsbeha, Eeshwar Rajagopalan.

Educational Exhibitors: Bubbly Life, Robogals