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Become a Sponsor

The Game Changer Awards is seeking support from industry leaders by way of Platinum, Gold or Specialist sponsorships. 

The Game Changer Awards will offer your orgqnisation opportunities to promote your organisation to its audience. In addition, your organisation will receive exposure through Game Changer's communications plans.

Some of the benefits to your organisation for sponsoring this event could include:
- Brand exposure and an increased profile at the event
- The opportunity to interact with potential clients who have an active interest in your organisation
- Increased traffic to your website and social media platforms
- Recognition for supporting creativity and innovation in your respective field
- The opportunity to attract more customers.

Most importantly, you will be associating your brand to schools, teachers, parents and other ICT organisations that are helping to bring Game Changer to life.

2017 Important Dates

7 April 2017
Expressions of Interest Close
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