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Award Winners



Primary Game Changer Prize for Best Entry


West Beechboro Primary School

Team Member: Rishita Sarkar

Primary Best STEM Prize

A R Guide to Waste

Ursula Frayne Primary School

Primary Best Presentation

Tap and Ride

Whitford Primary School


Secondary Game Changer Prize for Best Entry

IT Angels

Mercedes College

Secondary Best STEM Prize

IT Angels

Mercedes College

Secondary Best Presentation

Vocabulary Voyage

St Mary's Anglican School


St Mary's Anglican School

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School is an independent, Anglican, day and boarding school for girls.


KCTT is a young engineering consultancy aiming to provide services in various fields related to urban development. 


SEQTA is an all-in-one teaching and learning management system (LMS) that brings teachers, administrators, parents and students together in an interactive, online community.

Gecko Steps

Supporting children to develop their individual interests, educational development and positive mental wellbeing.

Bloom Labs

Bloom offers community support, developing the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset of students. Providing resources and guiding students, Bloom runs workshops and host industry speakers, provide mentoring and one-on-one support.

Dell Computers

Dell Computers creates laptops, desktop computers and accessories.

AV Media System

AV Media System are a dedicated team of audio visual professionals providing expertise and personalised systems.

Enkel Collective

Enkel Collective is a non-profit co-operative ,providing organisational consulting and courses in innovation.


NinjaDojo is a Perth-based software development company with in-house services such as graphic design, copy writing and web development.

Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the largest body of engineers in Australia, creating, accrediting and assessing engineering programs and practitioners.

Australian Computer Society Inc

ACS delivers knowledge into technology and help implement technology for commerce bodies, governments and societies.