Rehoboth Christian College

rehoboth chrisitan college

“Since attending the Game Changers Award last year, my students have not stopped talking about it, to this day. They learned so much, from interacting with the judges who were professionals in the field of STEM and were incredibly spurred on by the encouragement and recognition they received. The speakers and the motivational speeches were equally inspiring. Following the event, some of my students begun to think seriously about doing STEM as their career. Of course, the sumptuous lunch, the generous prizes, and the creative activities, also created fond memories and rich life experiences. The Game Changers Awards is the highlight of our Digital Technology program and we will certainly come back every year.”


– Andy Yu

What the students have to say

“The best thing about the whole experience was seeing everyone’s innovation. It was also very encouraging to hear people’s experiences with digital technologies. Something I took away from this experience was that everyone has a very different set of ideas and knowledge; if we as a generation combine our skill sets so we can change the world for good. I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity to learn and improve my communication and problem-solving skills.”

 Jaqueline Ardian

“The Game Changer day was surprisingly quite fun. The best part of the day was probably being able to enjoy the day with my friends and that video we watched about the (effects of synthetic) drugs. I thought it was cool how much I improved from the start. I realised that when I was talking to the judges I was talking out of memory and I was not looking down at the slide show, but I had memorised what I need to say. I am very thankful to all the teachers and speakers who were able to organise this and make it happen.”

Katie Wrener

“The best thing on the Game Changer excursion was seeing all the creations/projects that people had made. And how all those that could better the planet in the future. I learnt quite a lot of things such as how to protect yourself when using social media and how drones could enhance our performances in the future. The things I want to thank God for, on that blessed day is that we all arrived safely to the competition and that we were blessed to compete with other teams. I also want to thank God that we could go to that competition and have our minds opened to see what great things other teams had designed and created.” 

Hkan Nan Maran

“The best thing that happened on that day was the judging of our projects and getting the feedback and socialising with other people about their projects. I learnt that STEM is much more than just coding robots and becoming a scientist. I thank God for the ability to create ideas and to execute them in a way that is pleasing to God.”

Samantha Ng

“Going the Game changers event was a very interesting and fun experience. It felt like a chance for our ideas to be finally being heard and validated. The Judges were kind and offered advise on how we could take our ideas further. I leant new things about our day to day lives, and how technology is involved and how we can protect our information and privacy, while on the internet which I found very useful. Having people present and talk about STEM and how interesting and fun it could be, I have a newfound interest and appreciation for STEM. I thank God for presenting such a great class and school for me to attend and share this experience with. Especially our teacher Mr Yu for supporting and comforting everyone in their ideas, plans and presentations.”

Shalom Mutendera

Perth College

perth college

“The Game Changers has been a wonderful opportunity for students to share their innovative ideas. The enthusiasm and motivation of the Game Changers organisers is passed on to our students on the day and the floor is abuzz with enthusiastic teams setting up and presenting their projects to an interested and supportive, like-minded group of adults and students. The judges are sensitive to the ages of our younger participating and always supportive and understanding. We have loved attending the Game Changers and strongly recommend that other schools have a go – it is a fabulous learning experience.”


– J. Ussi

What the students have to say

“Last year we participated in Game Changer. We really enjoyed preparing for the competition and using new types of technological such as a raspberry pie for our project. At the competition, we loved looking at other people’s projects and participating in the fun, STEM related activities. The judges were eager to listen to our presentation and gave us helpful feedback at the end. This competition helped us to improve our problem solving, as we had to work hard to get our project working. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to do it again some time.”

Noa and Yiyi
(5/6 Category)

“Last year we participated in the Game Changers competition. It was lots of fun and we had an awesome time presenting our invention. We won Best Use of STEM in the year 5-6 category and got to visit Sentient, 3D image and virtual reality specialists. We walked through oilrigs, both underwater and above, mines and even played fun games such as Bogo whilst wearing VR headsets! We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to come again this year.”

Scarlett, Chloe and Sophia
(5/6 Category)

“Last year we participated in Game changers and had loads of fun. It was remarkable how many amazing teams participated in this competition but our favourite team was the Natural Disaster Warning app. The judges were very fascinated about what we had to show them. The main point of feedback we got was that the boot would be helpful in mines but that they were not sure if the trackers would work. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to enter this incredible competition and hope to have the chance to do it again. We were very successful and ended up winning the best overall for our category.”

Lauren and Eloise
(5/6 Category)

“Last year, we participated in Game Changers Awards with our invention, Safety Gate. It was really exciting and we liked presenting to the judges. We learnt so many things to prepare for our project, like how to code a raspberry pi using python, and learning how to identify different computer components (like reed switches and infrared sensors). We also learnt how to soldier and we nearly burnt ourselves! We thoroughly enjoyed this experience at the Game Changers and it was really fun. We hope to do it again sometime. ”

Isabella and Beth
(5/6 Category)