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Many schools who have previously entered the Game Changer Awards are highly supportive of what the Awards can do for their school and their students.

Andy Yu


“Since attending the Game Changers Award last year, my students have not stopped talking about it, to this day. They learned so much, from interacting with the judges who were professionals in the field of STEM and were incredibly spurred on by the encouragement and recognition they received. The speakers and the motivational speeches were equally inspiring. Following the event, some of my students began to think seriously about doing STEM as their career. Of course, the sumptuous lunch, the generous prizes, and the creative activities, also created fond memories and rich life experiences. The Game Changers Awards is the highlight of our Digital Technology program and we will certainly come back every year.”

Samantha Ng


“The best thing about the whole experience was seeing everyone’s innovation. It was also very encouraging to hear people’s experiences with digital technologies. Something I took away from this experience was that everyone has a very different set of ideas and knowledge; if we as a generation combine our skill sets so we can change the world for good. I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity to learn and improve my communication and problem-solving skills.”

Jesse Ussi


“The Game Changers has been a wonderful opportunity for students to share their innovative ideas. The enthusiasm and motivation of the Game Changers organisers is passed on to our students on the day and the floor is abuzz with enthusiastic teams setting up and presenting their projects to an interested and supportive, like-minded group of adults and students. The judges are sensitive to the ages of our younger participating and always supportive and understanding. We have loved attending the Game Changers and strongly recommend that other schools have a go – it is a fabulous learning experience.” 

Scarlett, Chloe & Sophia


“Last year we participated in the Game Changers competition. It was lots of fun and we had an awesome time presenting our invention. We won Best Use of STEM in the year 5-6 category and got to visit Sentient, 3D image and virtual reality specialists. We walked through oilrigs, both underwater and above, mines and even played fun games such as Bogo whilst wearing VR headsets! We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to come again this year.”