Inspiring STEM in WA Schools

The Game Changer Awards celebrates the innovation of young people as we move towards a more tech driven world.

Our Patron Dr Lyn Beazley

The 2019 Game Changers Awards were held on the 23rd of November at the ECU Sport & Fitness Centre, Joondalup. Click here for this years winners

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Welcome to Game Changer Awards

WA's STEM Competition 

Does your school have a STEM program that you would like to showcase? 

Would you like the opportunity to compete on a state level to win amazing prizes for you, your school and your students?

Then the Game Changer Awards (GCA) is where you can do just that! GCA's purpose is to acknowledge and reward teachers and their students, who strive to develop their creative problem-solving, STEM and presentation skills.


Patron of the Game Changer Awards

Neuroscientist Professor Lyn Beazley AO is a shining pinnacle for STEM application and education in WA and for the rest of Australia. Having graduated from both Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh, she understands the importance of STEM education. Her aim is to constantly encourage all young Australian minds to thrive in these subjects. Professor Beazley has been elected as a member and fellow of multiple significant institutes such as;

  • the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
  • Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
  • Australian College of Educators, and
  • Engineers Australia
Lyn Beazley


Our natural landscapes and environment are constantly in danger. Both animal and plant species are under threat of becoming extinct, because the human population has continued to grow, and with growth, their needs and wants as well.

People tend to want things cheap and quick, and due to these demand and supply cycles, the long-term effects on the environment and our atmosphere are not always considered.

Do you have a solution to this challenge? 

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Smart City

Smart Cities

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of things (IoT) sensors to collect data, and then use these data to manage assets and resources efficiently.

Have you thought of a way to use this technology to develop solutions to one, or more, of the worlds challenges?

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Space Exploration

Space exploration is the discovery and exploration of celestial structures in outer space.

Humanity has always yearned for the stars, and with the technology of today, this is becoming closer and closer to reality.

Do you have a solution to one of the challenges faced by the space industry?

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Utilities and Essential Services

Utilities provide things such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications.

Essential Services are things like hospitals, police, roads and rubbish disposal.

Do you have an idea of how to make them more efficient, or more environmentally friendly?

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